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  • Me I Am Mariah
    Me I Am Mariah
  • #1's Show In Vegas
    #1's Show In Vegas
Yay! Mimi has surpassed 2.5 billion (2,830,302,931) views on Youtube! Such a good job all of you Mariah fans. Time to celebrate!

We Are Lambily. We are the fans of the greatest singer in the world, 'Dahling'. We as a Lambily love each other. Please sign up at the top and please donate at the button to the right.  Mimi sells perfume, clothing, music (of course), and beauty. To access the official Mariah Carey website, click the button that reads: Mariah Carey. Follow us on Twitter and Like us on Facebook. We Are Lambily!

It's 2018 and Mariah is coming back to the ranks again. Mariah is supposedly going to release a NEW album, this year! Visit or our twitter page to read more. Visit our Mariah's #1's Page to listen to her greatest hits!